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Meet the Artisan


When Life Gives You Hands, Make Handmade…

My name is Yula Kalisperaki, I was born and raised in Rethymno Crete. From a young age I realized that what gives me energy and pleasure is artistry and design, with the theory that art is not what you see but what you make others see and feel… Today, having raised four children, I am free to devote my passion and imagination drawn from moments of my life in Crete into inspirational handmade creations that will capture your heart.
All products of site are handmade and unique. No same product is identical as they are painted and moulded individually by the artist.
About the artist…
From a very early age Yula realized that by creating jewelry and ornaments she could combine her creative skills to reflect her love of beauty and elegance into her unique and expressive artistic pieces.  Her signature mosaic candles, the children in her art reflect the innocence of youth and her appreciation of the beauty in nature gives us a glimpse of world she comes from.
Our online store promotes some of the artistic creations by Yula Kalisperaki, which most specific are: coasters, platters, plaques, mosaic candles and magnets for the fridge.

“My greatest joy will be a smile of satisfaction on your face.”