You cannot buy love, but you can buy handmade... and that's ... kind of the same thing

I love handmade art, it makes a wonderful gesture to give a piece of me to the people I love. allows me to freely explore all my thoughts and ideas formulated in my mind and my heart over the years.. You may ask, why should I buy from Phaistoshands?

These are the reasons Phaistoshands products are special:

  • These handcrafted products are unique. When you buy more than one piece you will find that each product has been created individually and therefore will never be identical.  Each piece may have the same theme, colours and style but because these products aren’t manufactured by a machine but by human hands … each piece is “unique”.
  • It is very rare to find designer pieces made by local artists manufactured locally in Crete.
  • Artifacts have their own personality. Behind every handmade creation always lies a lot of work. The artist has put art, imagination and effort into each piece. Love and passion are hiding behind every one of them. These pieces make excellent gifts as they are chosen for their unique quality, themes and sentiment.
  • When you choose a handmade product you are selecting a piece created by an artist. So you are investing in an art that captures a tradition against an increasingly industrialized world and the mass produced low quality items that have flooded the market.
  • To be an artist is a gift in itself, this is something we should endorse and support them to express their love through their art.
  • These pieces are beautiful, sensitive, authentic, whimsical and to be treasured. To own a piece is to have a symbol of beauty and innocence of a world rarely found today.


Yula Kalisperaki ~ The Artist